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About Cryptoscam Defense Network

Who We Are and Our Mission

Cryptoscam Defense Network was created with a main vision: to support victims of cryptocurrency scams. We understand the confusion and isolation felt by those who’ve been deceived, and we’re here to change that.

Cryptoscam Defense

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a safe shelter for scam victims, providing reliable information, support, and trustworthy connections. We focus on education and practical actions for empowerment and loss documentation. Our tools enable self-protection and scam prevention. We encourage community involvement in reporting scams, fostering a proactive defense against emerging threats and helping others avoid pitfalls.
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Cryptoscam Defense

Support Our Mission with Your Contribution

Cryptoscam Defense Network fights cryptocurrency scams with community support. Your donations sustain our educational efforts and support network. Believing in our cause? Donate to enhance our resources and expand our reach. Click below to contribute and make the digital currency world safer.

Cryptoscam Defense

Meet the Team

Sanja Hunt

CEO & Founder

Sanja Hunt specializes in community-driven solutions, leading the charge in creating a safe space for scam victims through the Cryptoscam Defense Network.